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ACT Delivers More Details on 'Next Generation' Tests

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Last week, the ACT’s education division president Jon Erickson interviewed with the Chronicle of Higher Education about his organization’s plans to implement a comprehensive testing program for students K-12 beginning in 2014. Though there is much skepticism regarding what a program of this sort might provide as it relates to improved metrics for assessing and addressing college preparedness, Mr. Erickson cleared up any confusion on what the program is not – a “Kindergarten Career Test.”

Essentially, the series of tests will attempt to assess knowledge, basic and higher-level skills, and academic behaviors thought to be associated with success in college and careers. Additionally, close attention will be paid to students’ progress toward  academic and professional goals. The tests will be administered to students in grades 3 through 12 initially, and will later included kindergarten through grade 2.

No further details were provided about the types of questions the tests will include or the cost associated with them.

'Next Generation' ACT

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Earlier this month, ACT Inc., the creator and administrator of the ACT exam, announced plans to implement a comprehensive assessment program that it says will aid in preparing students for college, beginning in early elementary school.  The program, designed to work in combination with the Common Core State Standards, incorporates several metrics by which students are evaluated and provides more immediate feedback about students’ progress. The announcement comes just months after the College Board hired David Coleman, architect of the Common Core State Standards, as its newest president and CEO. The moves signal the continued commitment of both organizations’ to further penetrate American education, making testing a central focus.

Saint Rose Goes Test-Optional

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

The College of Saint Rose located in Albany, NY has announced its plans to begin implementing a test-optional admissions policy for the entering class of Fall 2013. The college, which ranked 39th among best regional (North) universities in U.S. News’ latest edition, said in its release that, “removing the test requirement, we let [students] know that their character, talent and individual achievements mean far more to us than numbers on a standardized test.” The college says that the policy will be a three-year pilot program, at which time the result will be evaluated and further determinations made.

For more information on the growing list of test-optional colleges and universities, visit www.fairtest.org/.