One acceptance letter to an Ivy League school is enough to get any family excited. But imagine receiving four acceptance letters all in the same day. That’s what happened to Ray, Kenny, Carol and Martina Crouch, quadruplets at Danbury High School in Connecticut. All four had applied to Yale under its early admission guidelines. The New York Times reported in an article ( ) that each one received news that they had been accepted on the same day, a quadruple first for Yale.  None of the Crouch sibling has decided yet if they will be attending Yale since they have until May 1 to make up their minds. Plus they have yet to hear from the nearly 30 schools that they have applied to collectively. As for Yale, they are hoping to see all four Crouches on their campus next year.  “Their applications were terrific, and we simply hope that they will all decide to come!” Jeffrey Brenzel, the dean of admissions at Yale, told the Times in an email. Asked if Yale had any policy on admitting members of the same family as a package, Brenzel said, “We don’t feel an obligation to render the same decision on siblings in the same year.”