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The Price of SAT Success?

One of the goals of this Rethinking Admissions blog is to highlight the need for change in the increasingly high pressure world of college admissions. The stress created by the admissions process on students and their families now starts earlier than ever. That pressure has […]

Not Your Average Interview

The idea of Rethinking Admissions is challenging. For every forward looking idea that can be incorporated into making the admissions process more humane, equitable, and effective, there is an old idea just begging for reconsideration. That especially applies to the idea of admissions interviews. As […]


OnĀ April 15 and 16, 2009, Wake Forest University hostedĀ top admissions officers and leading researchers from Berkeley, Duke, Harvard, Ohio State, Princeton, Texas, Virginia, Yale and other universities along with the director of data research for U.S. News & World Report for the Rethinking Admissions conference.